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What we all know

  1. Heat is great for soothing aches and pains and relaxing tight muscles
  2. Wheatbags are a quick, easy, natural and economic way of applying heat

We are all agreed WHEATBAGS ARE GREAT!

In fact it doesn’t have to be wheat…Lupins are also great

But……all wheatbags are not created equal

We’ve all seen the usual type (in fact most of us have at least one at home)  Either long, square or oblong…maybe a curved shape?…even in the shape of an animal!

SERIOUSLY!!!   These might be fine to warm the bed or to cuddle up to on a cold night, but when it comes to therapy (and by that I mean actually treating your body’s tightness or pain issues) …thumbs down

And not only quite useless, but in some cases actually worsening  symptoms


Now imagine a whaetbag that actually fits your neck…..actually moulds to the contours. It heats right to the base of your skull, where those tight muscles attach

But not only that….it’s evenly weighted, and balanced by these counterweights at the front, so when it’s on….you can completely relax.   No more tensing to stop it falling off or having to hold it in place

And not only that,  easyheats neck  has the perfect amount of weight, to actually give your tight neck and upper shoulder muscles a gentle stretch as well

FINALLY! you say…and you’d be right. The Easyheats neck has qualified for a design patent. In fact a world wide search did not find anything similar

Sounds good hey?  Finally some thought has gone into creating serious home therapy products that actually work!  That’s because a physiotherapist with over 35 years of experience has designed all of our range.

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